LIFE: what definition can you give it?

Life Life is beautiful.
Life is precious.
Life is sweet.
Life is vanity.
Life is great.
Life is what you do for others.
Life is tolerance.
Life is about give and take.
Life is partial, good to some and cruel to others.
Life is how well and not how long. 
Life is built upon the whole of faith, hope and the will of God.
Life is what you make it to be.
Life is a gift from God.
Life is love.
Life is full of hatred.
Life is what someone urges for.
Life is worth living.
Life is a journey where the good are being cut short and the bad to live longer than expected. 
Life is full of up's and down's.
Life is a song.
Life is a mystery.
Life is a mixture of the good and the bad.
Life is simple but needs a difficult methodology.
Life is a place where you either lose or gain.
Life is full of deception and cheats.
Life is full of sorrow and joy, a place where some cry, while some are laughing.
Life is transient.
Life is a mixture of gladness and sorrow.
Life is a place of celebration and mourning. 
Life is where some are born with silver spoon and where some are not.
Life is good. 
Life is meaningful and meaningless.
Life is not fair. 
Life is time rolled in seconds, minutes, months and years.

In short, life is what you call it.
It all depends on how you see what LIFE is all about.


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