UGLY SCENE: Chapter two

ewa was endowed with beauty complemented with a lovely dark skin. Her hair was long and black. She always looked stunning in mufti more than in school uniform. She was not only caring and obedient but was also very decent and modest, maybe that was why the prince was in love with her. She got back from school one afternoon and met her mother lying helplessly on the floor, groaning in pain. Sewa wondered what happened to her for she left her in good health before she left for school.
“Mummy what happened to you?” she kept on asking her mother different questions of which she got no response but after few seconds, Mrs. Dada managed to pray for her daughter and gave up the ghost. Sewa didn’t know what to do, she fell and stood back a number of times and almost cried her eyes out.
Mrs. Dada, who was Sewa’s mother, was so industrious that she didn’t have to rely on anyone or beg for financial assistance before she could execute any project. She always utilized her time judiciously and believed that Trouble springs from Idleness, and grievous toil from needless ease. Many without labour, would live by their wits only, but they break for want of Stock.
The previous day before this incident, Mrs. Dada was already on her way to Iya ‘laje’s house to collect the commodities she sent her before Sewa ran to her that Mrs. Aina wanted to see her for an important issue. She wasn’t sure of what the field of discourse could be and because she didn’t want to offend her sister in anyway, she had to go back to see her.
“My friend, mama jide, is having the naming ceremony of her grandchild and I want both of us to be there…..” said Mrs. Aina to her sister.
“…….so, Tinuke has given birth!” Mrs. Dada said surprisingly. She thought that a twelve year old girl who was impregnated without rape should be reprimanded and not be praised. “Anyway, Birds of the same feathers flock together.” She thought and promised her she would be there in order to satisfy her.
Mrs. Aina had not been in the habit of going to her sister’s house before, but her sudden change was a surprise to everybody in the village who knew her. Meanwhile, Mrs. Dada was advised not to totally rely on her because she was a cunning woman.
“My sister is a changed person…….” Mrs. Dada told one her neighbours when discussing about Mrs. Aina “… fact, she bought a she-goat for my daughter last market……”
“…But don’t you think that she may still be dangerous?” the neighbour tried to make her see her own point of view. But the fact that she was na├»ve made her to be happy with the way her sister turned out to be an angelic device therefore, she gave a deaf ear to all the warnings given her which consequently led to her untimely death.
Her husband, Mr. Dada was a rich business man before he was assassinated a year after his marriage by a group of armed robbers. Meanwhile, she initially had a quarrel with her twin sister, Mrs Aina, over her husband before they got married. Mrs. Aina claimed the man to be her suitor while Mrs. Dada wouldn’t let the man go. Their mother tried to settle the quarrel but all to no avail. Their mother even wept most of the times over their father’s death, because she felt the burden of the children’s upbringing would have been lighter if he was alive.
“………….so if my speech doesn’t make any sense to both of you, then the two of you should go ahead and marry him” their mother concluded after so many persuasions which they both ignored.
“….mum! She always cheats me, but this one I will not take lightly with her” Mrs. Dada complained to her mother. Their house continued to be on fire until one day when it was discovered that Mrs. Aina was pregnant for a palm wine tapper as she said which gave her sister the chance to fully continue with her wedding plans.
Mrs. Dada’s wedding was celebrated elaborately. In fact, almost all the villagers were present but Mrs. Aina was absent because of her shameful act. Therefore, she lied to her mother that she was slightly indisposed and would not be able to attend the wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, her mother, who knew the type of human being she was, persuaded her but she insisted and made another complaint about her pregnancy. Nevertheless, the wicked act in her mind was seriously burning. Some years later, Mrs. Aina’s husband died after he fell off from a palm tree and their mother also died of rheumatism.
Most people had gathered in front of Mrs. Dada’s house wailing as if they would collapse. Mrs. Aina was also rolling on the floor crying and at the same time cursing whoever killed her sister.
“Look at her, she’s shedding crocodile tears” a woman among the crowd whispered to her friend.
“………….but you can’t really say…..if …..she’s ………the…..” the friend responded.
“Who doesn’t know Aponbebore in this village” the woman quickly cuts in “she was wicked right from her childhood”
“Anyway, I heard she complained of stomach ache before she died….” Another woman said “...and…. I was thinking maybe she aborted or what do you think?”
“……..yes! I’ve been thinking about it too because the type of the world we are living doesn’t allow one to trust anybody” her friend answered.
“Amebo!.......... God will forgive both of you, and you gossipers should remember that the living is just the dead on vacation. We are all going to die; only the time is different.” A woman that stood behind them shouted.
Everybody held different views on the cause of Mrs. Dada’s untimely death but they could only get the answer if the dead itself could resurrect and explain the cause of its death. She was buried in front of her house beside her husband’s grave. After the burial, Sewa left with Mrs. Aina.


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