Marriage is more than just to have children or to satisfy one's desire or lust, this is because anybody can just decide to have children without necessarily getting married. There are so many bastard children around and as a result of unplanned Union. Meanwhile,  it was God who instituted marriage for his own purpose.
     God gave Eve to Adam not only because Adam needed help but ALSO because was lonely in the garden and God saw it wasn't good this way, so he gave Adam Eve to keep him company and to assist him to fulfill his mission in life.
     Therefore,  Adam needed Eve to succeed in life, Adam was not complete being alone, remember; God first created Adam but when He now decided to make the woman He really took His time to create her and He loaded her with keys and treasures of heaven which will be useful for the man and for the world.
     Adam was bored and lonely in the garden and satan was happy with his condition because he posed no threat or problem for him-satan didn't feel threatened God made Adam but immediately he sighted the woman in the Garden, he became restless because the presence of Eve means a lot.
     Eve stands for   expansion, enlargement, Increase, and above all, she's to complement the man and to assist him to fulfill his dreams and visions and that is the purpose of marriage.
     The woman is loaded from heaven treasures and gifts God put in her to assist the man in life and that is the reason for the womb, she has the seed that will bruise the head of the devil. The woman has the physical womb to keep the seeds she receives from her husband which later becomes a baby, by this the woman multiplies the world but she also has the spiritual seed where the woman stores the gifts and treasures God gave her to complement the man and to fulfill the purpose of God on earth; that was what the devil saw, and he became mad and went after her rigorously --- and the woman fell but God never lost hope on her because immediately, God pronounced the seed of the woman will bruise the head of the devil; and it finally happened when Mary, the woman gave birth to the Saviour of the world, our Lord Jesus Christ and Jesus through His death and resurrection bruise the head of the devil and Jesus has given every woman that authority to use the seed He has given us to bruise the head of the devil.
     Every woman has the seed in her spiritual womb. Therefore, no woman is born useless, they are loaded with gifts and treasures to become what God wants them to be in life and to assist their husbands to fulfill dreams and visions.
     In conclusion, it's no use getting married to a vision-less/purposeless man--In fact it's the most terrible thing that can happen to any lady and that is why, it worth waiting for the best man, I mean the perfect will of God for your life.







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