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"YOUR HEAT SHOULD BE PRESERVED ONLY FOR YOUR SPOUSE" Today's system has so much decayed that we hardly have young people whose "heat" are still intact. What heat do I mean? I don't mean a prefabricated heat. I mean such divine heat for sexual satisfaction between a married man and woman. Such heat is found in the bible in Ecclesiastes 4:11 (KJV) - "Again, if two (obviously married couple) lie together (obviously in bed having fun), then they have "HEAT": but how can one be warm alone?" That's the kind of heat I'm talking about.

But today we have people (men and women), whose heat(s) have been completely drained before marriage via premarital sex. What heat will be left to enjoy when you get married? ... God has so much designed this heat to be at its peak when one is a virgin and so much enjoyed when married and that's why you have to keep your heat (virginity) till you get married. In 1 Kings 1:2 (KJV) - "Let there be …


A man was travelling in an aircraft and he was wearing his wedding ring on the wrong finger and someone told him he was wearing his wedding ring on the wrong finger and he said " hey! Don’t worry, it's because I married the wrong woman"
A marriage you don’t prepare for will confuse you.
You don’t prepare in marriage, you prepare for marriage.
You don’t learn how to shoot gun in the battle front, you learn it before the battle begins.
The better time to prepare for marriage is when you are single.
Celebrate your season as a single
Being a single is not a disadvantage,
Being a single is not a sin
You are not under a curse because you are single.
Being a single is the time you prepare for marriage.
To be single is better than married and praying to be a single.
So many people prepare for wedding and not marriage. Wedding is different from marriage. After the wedding, marriage begins.
Wedding is an initiation into marriage.
The elaborate…