January 17, Daily Devotional.... Priorities need to be in a proper order

 Priorities need to be in a proper order

God’s Word warns us not to focus upon fancy hairstyles, jewelry or clothes for adornment. True adornment, or beauty, comes from within (Psalm 45:13, I Peter 3:3-4, I Timothy 2:9-10).

Spending excessive time, money and effort on outward adornment while paying no attention to the spirit can lead to sin. 

In Ezekiel 16:15-21, womanly adornments became a curse.

Other references in Scripture to a woman adorning herself for the purpose of luring a man into sin: Hosea 2:13,
Genesis 38:14-15, 
Proverbs 7:6-10.

With young girls, let’s be careful not to encourage behavior that 10 years down the road will be flirtatious, provocative, or seductive. Train them to be Godly young ladies right from the start.

Isaiah 3:8 tells of a time when Jerusalem and Judah had turned against the Lord. Yet, in that day, when their cities were ruined and fallen, the women were spending much time on their appearances, to the neglect of spiritual things (3:16-23). 

God pronounced judgment upon them (vs. 24-26).
Jehu set out to avenge the sins of Jezebel. When she learned he was coming, how did she prepare to face him? (II Kings 9:30). Was she setting out to distract or seduce God’s messenger, or was she so warped in her thinking that all she cared about was her physical appearance? Her beauty did not prevent her bloody and terrible death (II Kings 9:33-37).

Priorities need to be in a proper order. When individuals are truly concerned about spiritual things, concern for physical appearance fades in comparison:


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