January 20, Devotional Daily.....MY HUSBAND, MY CROWN(1)

Devotional Reading for the year
January 20


God is preparing your husband.
Only God is fully aware of the necessary ingredients needed to complete His plan.
Don’t tamper with His recipe.
Treat your husband with tender loving care.
Make full use of opportunities to truly be a helpmeet

Tips needed:
Admire him in your mind. Verbal criticism will not occur if your mind and heart are consciously mindful of his strengths. Remember your own faults and failures. (Quote: “It is unfair for weakness to expect perfection.”)
Psalm 19:14

Praise him in areas where he may be insecure.
Is he shy? Admire his ability to relate to people.
Is he of small stature? Praise his strength.
Is he unemployed? Let him know you are confident in his ability to support the family.

A thoughtful, caring wife will give support and encouragement rather than criticism in sensitive areas.
Support him in new endeavors. Unfortunately, some of his efforts will fail. Continue to praise anyway, knowing that the effort is much more important than the success or failure. The fact that he is happy and visionary in his work is much more important than his degree of achievement.

This is not to say that a wife will never disagree with any of her husband’s opinions. The point is that her FIRST response does not have to be negative.

Our husbands should not think of negativity as our primary personality trait. What if the idea is really crazy and you feel that it will have a permanently damaging result on your family? If you are truly concerned about a situation, take it to the Lord and ask Him to accomplish His will through it.


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