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Social Support System:FIVE

5.1       General Overview The major purpose of this chapter is to serve the wrapping up of the project as well as the objectives which the project attempted to achieve, the experienced gathered; the challenges stumbled upon as well as the recommendation on enhancing the project for further study and use. 5.2       Conclusion This project met the objectives of designing and implementing a social support system that will manage a community of people that are suffering from infertility in healthcare. This in turn helps people reduce psychological distress (e.g., anxiety or depression) and make them they are not alone. It will gather people having infertility problem together and help in getting some fact for health workers. The design and implementation of the project was successful, users of the system can benefit from it if fully implemented.
5.3       Limitation The limitations of the system include the following: 1.Cost of maintaining the system 2.R…

Social Support System:FOUR

CHAPTER FOURSYSTEM DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION4.1       IntroductionA system is a group of interrelated parts (i.e. subsystems) working together in a way to achieve a common goal, while a design is a plan or protocol for carrying out or accomplishing a process. The implementation of this system is therefore designed to address the way it is implemented by showing the components of the system and other implementation issues. System implementation on the other hand focuses on development, installation, testing of system components and delivery of the system into day-to-day operation (Whitten et al, 2004). 4.2     Technology Being a web-based system, the prototype could be installed on any machine having Windows Apache MySQL PHP (WAMP) server installations. The tools involved in the development of the web application includes, the Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) editor and WAMP server. WAMP is an acronym for; ·W stands for windows, the operating system platform. ·A stands for Apache server th…

Social Support System:THREE

CHAPTER THREE METHODOLOGY 3.0     INTRODUCTION Methodology refers to procedure and techniques used by researchers in carrying out research study. It can also be described as the analysis of the principles of methods, rules, and postulates employed by a discipline, the systematic study of methods that are, can be, or have been applied within a discipline. It may also be described as a documented process for management of projects that contains procedures, definitions and explanations of techniques used to collect, store, analyze and present information as part of a research process in a given discipline (Wikipedia, 2011). This chapter gives the report which discusses the procedure used in the development of this project. It is necessary to organize a research work by formulating and defining the particular research problem. This reveals the methods and instruments employed in the course of this project. By way of extension it covers: i.Reviewing of available literature on the existing system…